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Baby wardrobes

Where only with all the romper, diapers and stuffed animals? In the baby coat rack there is certainly a place for it, because thanks to a well thought out room layout with many shelves laundry and clothing can be sorted according to need and also the pacifier collection and toys are in good hands here. The two- and three-door cabinets are available in many versions – from subtle and natural to childish playful.

Baby clothes and laundry optimally stowed: baby coat racks

A wardrobe that is designed for use in the kindergarten or in the first kindergarten, is usually different from the features of a conventional wardrobe: In a baby wardrobe usually much more shelves are housed, which are used to store folded garments. In turn, in such a closet are fewer and shorter clothes rails for the hanging storage of garments. T

Further information on baby wardrobes

The classic baby wardrobes include 2- to 3-door models with various shelves and short or long clothes rails. For a relaxed overall picture in the baby room provide wardrobes, which represent a combination of closed cupboard system, open shelf and or chest of drawers. In such a baby coat you can keep next to the clothes of your child also laundry, toys or books perfectly and neatly.

In addition, you will also find neutrally designed wardrobes for the baby room, which can be easily combined with existing furniture.

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