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Bed frame with bed box 

If there is not enough space in the bedroom for cupboards and chests of drawers, there are often beds with storage under the mattress area. For a quick and comfortable entry slats are suitable with bed box function, the foot part can be set very high by means of gas springs. In addition, these offer an optimal ergonomic support effect – functionality and sleeping comfort perfectly combined.

Comfortable access to the storage space under the bed: bed frame with bed box

Particularly space-saving storage beds are those with a bed box, which is accessible by means of slatted frame with bed box function. Unlike sleeping places with pull-out drawers, these bed models do not need extra space to access the contents of the storage space.

Slats or plates?

Spring frames with bed box function are also used in double beds with storage space. For this purpose, designs with so-called rimless spring action are the optimal equipment. In these, the spring strips are mounted over the side rails to prevent a hard "loss of contact" without suspension. Almost all bed frame sleepers are equipped with this feature.

Further information on bed frames with bed box function

To make the bed frame as comfortable as possible, it is important to pay attention to some details when choosing a spring frame with a bed box function. It is best to choose a model with gas springs. In this way you can fold the slatted frame. In addition, the springs ensure that the frame stays up and you accidentally take your utensils out of the bed box. These jumping spring slats are also available in different sizes and equipment versions, so they can be ordered perfectly matched to you and your type of sleep.

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