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Bed frames made of walnut

Walnut wood has a pleasant, warm color and a natural look. Depending on the origin of the brown is sometimes a little darker, sometimes a little reddish. The walnut beds are embedded with high-quality oils so that this variety of colors and the harmonious grain are particularly effective. All models also have excellent stability, so you can enjoy your walnut bed for a long time.

Especially warm and comfortable appearance: walnut beds

Walnut is one of the hardwoods found in many different regions of the world. The walnut, which is used here for the production of furniture, can therefore come from both Europe and Asia Minor or America. Depending on the origin of the wood, the characteristic warm brown color of this species of wood varies: European walnut wood impresses with a chocolate brown, the wood imported from America surprises with a violet-brownish color, while the walnut tree in Asia Minor is convinced in gray brown. The outstanding properties of walnut wood include a high level of resistance, which is due to a pronounced density and fine nerves.

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