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Bed linen: discover favorite bed linen

There are many types of linens: plain or patterned, cotton or silk, or undecided reversible bedding – in the end, perfect linens will make you feel good on the skin and of high quality. Here is a small overview of the different types of bed linen.

Bed linen for summer and winter

There are "warmer" fabrics for the cold season, but also "cool" fabrics, so you will not be too sweaty in the summer.

  • Complete without ironing comes Jersey linens out. It is very easy-care, feels like a T-shirt and is well suited for the summer due to its absorbency. If you want to use jersey bedding all year round, make sure to call it "Interlock Jersey" when you buy it. This is warmer and thicker than "single jersey".
  • Allergy friendly is Reinforcing bed linenIt is made of cotton, is temperature compensating and therefore ideal for the summer.
  • If you do not iron, you should get up Seersucker bedding To fall back on. Their crepe structure ensures good air circulation. Seersucker feels light and pleasant on the skin and is often made of microfiber.
  • To the Percale linen It is used pure cotton. The fabric is reminiscent of shirt blouses, is fine and strong woven and has cooling properties.
  • Inexpensive, durable and also made of pure cotton Leno linen.
  • Especially popular, but not cheap Cotton sateen sheetsIt has a temperature-balancing effect and does not have to be ironed. The noblest variant: Mako satin sheets.
  • Shiny "silk bedding" is perfect for house dust allergy sufferers and people with skin problems like eczema. It cools in summer and keeps you warm in winter.
  • Fine beaver and flannel leaves are among the cuddly winter favorites. They have a roughened surface.

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