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Chests of drawers in white for the bedroom

Timelessly elegant and pleasantly reserved, chests of drawers in white for the bedroom. The attractive storage furniture with drawers, lockers or a combination of both fits perfectly with many furnishing styles. They harmonize with both warm solid wood and modern materials such as concrete. The chest of drawers in white is rounded off by various design directions so that you will find the perfect piece of furniture.

Practical storage space in an elegant presentation: chests of drawers in white for the bedroom

Whether it is just a weird outfit wise or the new purchase should be the optical center of your bedroom, here you will find a wide selection of different chests of drawers in white. The special feature: The furniture convinces by a friendly appearance and can be perfectly adapted to every style of furnishing.

Are all white chests of drawers set up ex works?

Thanks to the bright surface and the restrained look, white sideboards never seem intrusive or annoying. They can easily be used as gap fillers if the other furniture is kept in a different color. White chests of drawers are equally convincing, even if they are part of a series and the entire room is furnished in this style. With an exciting carpet or a large mirror, the puristic and modern basic orientation in the bedroom intensifies immediately.

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