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Chests of solid wood

Chests of solid wood are among the classic bedroom furniture and convince with a natural charm. Different woods, surface treatments and designs make the dressers sometimes inconspicuous, sometimes puristic or even state-of-the-art, which is why these pieces of furniture integrate excellently into existing furnishing concepts and can also be combined with each other.

Classic bedroom furniture with a lot of natural charm: solid wood chests

Drawers with drawers are clearly among the classics of bedroom furniture. They require little floor space, are available in different widths, depths and heights and offer plenty of storage space, which is protected from prying eyes. Drawer commodes are most frequently used for storing laundry and hosiery in the bedroom. Of course, they also offer, for example, belts, ties, jewelry, scarves or scarves. In small bedrooms, where no large wardrobe can be accommodated, folded garments such as T-shirts or sweaters can easily be stored in the drawers of a chest of drawers.

Different woods and styles for every taste

So that you can optimally realize your personal wishes when furnishing your bedroom, solid wood boxes in many different versions are available in online shops. From timeless elegance over modern to rustic country house style, everything is represented. On many models, you can also choose between different colors and / or grip options.

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