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children dressers

Chests of drawers and doors ensure order in the children's room. Toys and cuddly toys are quickly stowed away in the evening to be ready for new adventurers the next day. Of course you can also order underwear, pajamas and stockings here. Among the many color options and materials is certainly the right children's commode for your home here.

Additional space for laundry and other things: children's commodes

Chests of drawers are available in many different designs. Thus, in addition to pure drawer cases, there are also chest of drawers with a combination of larger storage compartments (behind cabinet doors) and drawers. In the design of children's commodes are in addition to an attractive design and high functionality, a special stress and security aspect in the foreground.

Small cabinets with a lot of function

With a matching chest of drawers, the nursery can be perfectly complemented, regardless of whether it is used to store clothing or toys. Further children's rest can be found in complete children's rooms. In addition, we can recommend a range of changing tables that can be used as standard and extremely functional conditioners in the nursery without changing the attachment / lap approach.

Further information on chests of drawers for the kindergarten

In a children's chest of drawers laundry (underwear, sleepwear) as well as socks or stockings can be kept very convenient and handy. In addition, such chests are also ideal for storing exercise books, magazines, stationery and other small toys. To accommodate larger items of clothing or other items, a chest of drawers with cabinet doors and shelves hidden behind them is recommended.

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