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Cold foam mattresses 120×200

For comfort single beds they are the perfect choice: cold foam mattresses in 120 × 200 cm. These sleep documents convince with a soft to firm feeling of lying and optimal body adaptation in all sleeping positions. In addition, many 120 × 200 cm foam mattresses are equipped with washable covers, making them ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

The perfect equipment for single beds in comfort width: cold foam mattresses in 120 × 200 cm

Bedsteads with a lying area of ​​120 to 200 centimeters are often referred to as comfort single beds. Because with their lying area you offer a lot of space for a person to stretch their arms and legs away from the body at night. Matching to these bed models, cold foam mattresses in 120 × 200 cm ensure the perfect sleeping comfort.

120 × 200 cm cold foam mattresses for teenagers

If the offspring has grown out of childhood and the desire for a real youth bed becomes reality, beds with a lying area of ​​120 × 200 cm are often chosen. Often the space in the former nursery is not enough for a double bed.

Individual recommendation from certified sleep experts

Whether for teenagers, adults or seniors, bachelors or single women – suitable 120 × 200 cm cold foam mattresses are available for people of all ages, body type and lifestyle.

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