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Cold foam mattresses 160×200

The cold foam mattress in 160 × 200 cm is ideally suited to equip a narrow double bed without lack of visitors with a continuous lying surface optimally. Whether back, stomach or side sleeper, light or heavy, allergic or asthmatic – for every requirement you will find custom-fit cold foam mattresses in 160 × 200 cm.

Full sleeping pads for narrow double beds: cold foam mattresses in 160 × 200 cm

Whether for one or two people – with cold foam mattresses in 160 × 200 you can optimally equip narrow double beds. Since these sleeping pads offer a continuous lying surface, without annoying games of chance, cuddly couples and singles, who want to occupy the whole place in the bed, can equally perfectly lie.

Cold foam mattress in 160 × 200 cm for all body types and sleeping positions

As diverse as we humans are, so varied is the range of cold foam mattresses in 160 × 200 cm. Because everyone else has needs and demands on their sleep document. Depending on your body type and your preferred sleeping position, we offer a large selection of optimally suitable 160 × 200 cm cold foam mattresses.

Which slatted frame fits my cold foam mattress in 160 × 200 cm?

Depending on the model, the 160 × 200 cm cold foam mattress consists of a core of the same size or two cores halfway up the bed are wound in a continuous cover. Advantage of the split cores: For transport purposes (eg during a move), the 160 × 200 cm mattress can be split into three parts, making it particularly easy to transport to its new destination. Thanks to the close-fitting large mattress cover you can feel in spite of the two cores no transition in the middle of the bed and enjoy the same feeling that you otherwise have on models with a continuous core.

If you are more prone to stomach or back, you will need a 160×200 cm cold foam mattress that is not too soft and supports you well. If you want to sleep on the side, the mattress should give in the pelvic and shoulder area while supporting the waist. In many cold foam mattresses this is achieved by introducing horizontal holes into the cores and profiling the surfaces with cuts.

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