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Cold foam mattresses 200×200

For spouses, couples and singles with plenty of space – cold foam mattresses in 200 × 200 cm are the ideal mattress for large double beds. For every need and every body type, you get a 200 × 200 cm cold foam mattress, which is suitable for you and your partner –

The perfect sleeping pad for double beds: cold foam mattresses in 200 × 200 cm

Restful sleep for spouses and couples allows for double beds with a size of 200 × 200 cm. Precisely this measure is one of the most common in countries when choosing a sleeping place for two people. Particularly cuddly and close-looking couples wish for the equipment of this double bed a continuous mattress in 200 × 200 cm, so that also in the middle of the bed can be cuddled extensively.

Which cold foam mattress in 200 × 200 cm do I / we need?

In addition to continuous 200 × 200 cm large mattresses so-called partner mattresses have proven. In these models, two cores of different hardness are wrapped in a continuous mattress cover, so that each side of the bed is individually adapted to the sleeper lying on it.

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