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Crib Bumpers

Debate regarding the use of baby bumpers:

There has been widespread controversy regarding the safety aspects of the use of crib buffers. Recent research shows that there are more than 3,000 sudden, surprising infant deaths in the US alone. Independent of thorough investigations, the reason for the deaths remains to be decided. In fact, the use of crib buffers has significantly reduced such incidents. The main advantage of using cot buffers is to prevent children's limbs from being trapped between the cot beds. The bumper pads are often so interconnected that the infants do not accidentally get out of the cot and be harmed. Especially when the infants are prone to rolling, the crib buffers can prevent them from bumping their heads against the sharp outsides. They are also very useful for paediatricians.

Suggestions for buying a crib bumper:

It is recommended at all times to look for a bumper that is effectively padded and has a round design that covers all four sides of the crib, with no gaps for maximum safety and luxury. The breathable mesh design protects the child from suffocation by absorbing carbon dioxide. The fabric used must be durable and prone to being pulled and torn, caused by frequent washing in the machine. Lately, some of the cot bumpers are additionally made with a liner that promotes air movement and is hypoallergic.

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