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Decorative Mirror Ideas: That’s how you skillfully put mirrors in scene!

There is (still) no wall mirror that predicts beauty as in Snow White's fairy tale, but the choice of different mirrors is huge – and you do not have to be a queen to have a decorative mirror. There are matching mirrors for every style and room of the apartment or house. They often have a fixed place in the bedroom, in the bathroom and in the hallway as furniture.

Which mirrors are there?

Mirrors are divided into the following categories:

  • Single mirror (normal glass),
  • Moisture content (coating against moisture),
  • Crystal mirror (better quality due to discolored glass),
  • Faceted mirror (special grinding technique for the edge).

Which mirrors are best?

The most common is the wall mirror, but there are also a number of other mirrors that can beautify your home.

  • cheval glass
  • wall mirror
  • bathroom mirror
  • table mirror
  • door mirror

cheval glass fits well in larger rooms and can also be more opulent. In particular, if you want to marvel at your new look or even want to see an event when everything is in place, this mirror is ideal as a standing mirror provides a full body view.

One of the most popular mirrors is the wall mirror. It saves a lot of space for a standing mirror because it is mounted directly on the wall. If a wall mirror is placed over a dresser, it can replace a make-up table as soon as cosmetics and accessories are placed on the furniture surface.

There are also wall mirrors with shelves. These serve as practical shelves for decoration and home accessories. A large, floor-level wall mirror visually enlarges even smaller rooms, as the living space in the mirror is reflected.

When bathroom mirror Wall mirrors and mirror cabinets are also good, Make sure the mirror has a special coating on a bathroom mirror. Otherwise, the mirror would constantly fog in the damp room. This is not the case with a special bathroom mirror.

The smaller and more manageable table mirror are also known as shaving and make-up mirrorsThey often have an enlargement, which can be very helpful when reworking and shaving. For short-sighted people, he is therefore particularly helpful. As a rule, you can choose between 3x, 5x or 7x magnification.

A door mirror is the right choice for those who do not have much room on the wall, It can be easily attached to doors with metal hooks and is available in different sizes. You do not need screws or other tools to mount this mirror. The assembly is very simple.

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