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Dressing Tables

Hairdressing and make-up tables have a long tradition in many bedrooms: Whether as storage for your perfume and make-up or as practical storage furniture for comb, hairbrush and accessories – with make-up table you will find everything you need A perfect appearance, always at hand. So make-up tables not only meet girl dreams, but also serve the gentlemen perfectly.

For your perfect appearance: make-up tables

Knowing a dressing table in the bedroom is probably the wish of every young woman. Because where else than on a make-up table make-up, mascara and lipstick can be applied more stylish?

What belongs to a make-up table?

Dressing tables are characterized by small compartments, drawers and storage facilities so that all cosmetics can be sorted. In addition, they have at least one mirror, which is additionally equipped with lighting in many cases.

High-heeled ladies already appreciated make-up tables in the early Baroque period when they wanted to admire the daily toilets from all sides and evaluate the work of their maids. To revive the nostalgic charm of the time, many of the make-up tables available today feature antique, playful details such as flourishes and bows. But also state-of-the-art reinterpretations can be found in the wide range of cosmetic tables.

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