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Ergonomically sensible spring suspension for the bedding: Slatted frames in 90×200 cm

Slatted frames in the size 90 × 200 cm are used in both single and 180 cm wide double beds. In the latter, each side of the bed gets its own suspension. The advantage: Each person sleeps on a suitable slatted frame, which is tailored to their individual needs. The assortment awaits you with a variety of models, from simple rigid versions to luxury slatted frames with electric adjustment.

With slatted frames of the size 90 × 200 cm, single beds are equipped with a slatted frame of this size. In addition, double beds with a bed width of 180 cm are used in these slatted frames, with a separate slatted frame being used for each side of the bed. Individual bed bases in half the width of the bed offer the advantage that different settings can be made on the slatted frame for different requirements or needs. So can be done for both persons in a double bed in each case the optimal and back-friendly vote of the slatted frame.

Include your mattress (s) in the consideration

Since the size of your desired bed frame or your desired bed frame already depends on the size of your bed, you need worry about it no longer. However, it is important that you consider the mattress or mattress to be stored on the slatted base / slatted base when selecting the slatted frame. If, for example, you own or want to buy cold foam mattresses, the distances between the individual slats should not be too great, otherwise the wear will be too great. The mattress core may get bruised, which negatively affects sleeping comfort and longevity. Information on the suitability and characteristics of our slatted frames can be found on the product pages.

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