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Futon sofa beds

Inspired by the Japanese sleep tradition, futon sofa beds feature a multi-layered cotton and foam mattress. Despite their small height, these upholstery provide a pleasantly firm sitting comfort and can be easily used as a sleeping pad if required. Futon sofa beds are therefore ideal for the living room and guest rooms as well as for the children and youth area.

Multifunctional furniture with Japanese background: Futon sofa beds

The term futon comes from the Japanese language and means translated ceiling. Futons are traditional sleeping pads in Japan, usually filled with cotton fibers and simply placed on the floor for sleeping. In this country, the term futon refers on the one hand particularly deep falling beds and on the other mattresses with cotton fiber filling.

For whom is a sofa bed with futon mattress suitable?

The futon mattress, futon sofa beds, has a height of 12 cm. In addition to three layers of cotton, the futon mattress has a 5 cm high foam core, which gives it the necessary stability. Like the Japanese futons, the futon mattress of sofa beds must be maintained regularly: to prevent the cotton from compacting in the mattress, you should occasionally roll, shake and stroke the mattress.

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