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Green beds

In today's stressful times, it's important to be able to call yourself a balancing oasis of peace: what's better than a bedroom with a bed in the trend color green? The bold color stands for naturalness, relaxation and tranquility – this is how he underlines the importance of your new upholstered or boxspring bed. Set a bed in rich green accents in your own bedroom.

High quality bedsteads with natural character beds in green

The color green symbolizes the aspects of calm and naturalness. We connect them with wide forests or idyllic flower meadows – in short nature. To enjoy this atmosphere in your own home, a bed frame in this rich color scheme is ideal. In this way, you create an exciting contrast to the rest of the furnishings and visually highlight your new bed as the center of the bedroom.

The right bed for every room

Individual needs require a coordinated bed. According to this principle, we cover all variations in terms of design and functionality. How to find us B. Furniture for all spatial conditions: Space-saving relaxation and studio chairs are ideal for rooms with sloping ceilings and offer additional storage space thanks to integrated bed boxes.

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