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Half height cots

A bunk bed is the dream of every child: with stable, half-high beds, you fulfill the wishes of your child and offer him a place to sleep in the air, which also meets the playfulness of small children. So your own little kingdom is accessible via a ladder – the space below can also be separated from the same cave by an atmospheric curtain game.

Exciting cots with high mattress: half-height cots

For example, every child dreams of building their own tree house and playing there. With half-height beds you bring this object of wishes to the kindergarten. Playfully, a loft bed combines the aspects of sleeping and playing together, providing a safe, kid-friendly environment where your little sunshine can spend the night safely and healthily. A sturdy ladder ensures comfortable and safe access to the lying surface.

A mini or a midi loft bed?

The half-height beds distinguish between mini and midihoch beds. These differ in the height of the bed frame and the resulting height of the bed. Here we recommend that you consider both the age of your child and the physical conditions. A variety of furniture can also be retrofitted with the help of optional conversion kits and so grow together with your child.

More about half-high beds

In addition, raised cots are a real space saver. The high lying area under the bed space, which you can use in many ways. They are already supplied with a matching game curtain with child-friendly motif prints. These visually separate the space under the bed from the rest of the room, creating a safe retreat for your baby.

Our large selection of theme beds leaves nothing to be desired – even for your little offspring you will find the right bed with us. So we lead z. B. semi-high beds for small spacemen in a coherent rocket look and cribs in enchanting princess design. Even small adventures will dare – so we offer beds, which are equipped with a climbing wall as an entry and exit possibility next to the ladder.

After you have decided on the perfect bunk bed for your offspring, you have the choice of the right accessories to choose from. Various extensions allow complete adaptation of the new bed frame. Modern wild tunnels act like a tent over the lying surface – so your child always feels safe and well protected.

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