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Interior design with colors

Many of you may be wondering what color theory has to do with interior design. Color can be used specifically in the design of rooms to achieve different effects and moods. Thus, the color design of a room has a decisive effect on one's own well-being. Depending on the color, the rooms can even be more spacious and larger, or rather small and squat. If you want to calm or magnify a room, you should use a monochrome color scheme. This term refers to working with only one color, which is then used in different colors. This color scheme is particularly soothing and is therefore ideal for rooms like the bedroom or the living room, where you want to spend a lot of time and relax after a stressful day at work. In addition, such a room with color-coordinated furniture is extremely noble and chic.

Monochrome and analog color schemes
Unlike monochrome color schemes, there are analog color schemes. These are two to three colors, z. B. yellow-orange-red or red-pink-purple. With analogue color schemes, rooms appear vital, fresh and radiate a zest for life. Especially for rooms such as the kitchen or the dining room to offer analog color schemes. There is also a subdivision into warm and cold colors in color theory. The warm colors have a cozy effect on the viewer. So the whole room atmosphere is very pleasant. However, such a color visually reduces the space. Cold colors like blue, violet or even green can make a room look bigger. Then there are neutral colors like black, white, gray and brown, which can be easily combined with other colors. They enhance the effect of cold or warm colors.

complementary colors
Complementary colors such as red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange complement each other optically. If a complementary color is used, one tone should be dominant and the other rather reserved, for example in the form of accessories. Thus, these color schemes complement each other perfectly and underline the optical advantages of the other color. If you are not sure about choosing the right color, you can buy color fans for the inspiration you need at the hardware store, for example. This is the best way to estimate which color on your own wall can bring a fresh breeze to your home. Or you can see whether the new furniture or accessories really fit into the rest of the interior design. We hope you enjoy trying it out and having the courage to color it!

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