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Kitchen planning: Which sink is suitable for a granite countertop?

When kitchen planning is about selecting a sink, the question quickly arises: Which sink fits my countertop? Please note the material properties of your worktop. The following is about the matching sink for a granite countertop.

Granite worktop: Material properties

Granite is a relatively coarse-grained natural stone with a high quartz content. Therefore it is very hard and scratch resistant. In addition, granite is a moisture-resistant and hygienic material that is easy to clean (when the stone has been impregnated). Only against oil and acids is the stone sensitive. Granite is therefore a very suitable material for countertops. In addition, you will receive a unique work of art with a natural stone countertop. Since many take the relatively high purchase price in purchase.

Sink with granite countertop: installation method

Basically all sorts of sinks can be installed with a granite countertop. Built-in sinks or sinks are the most widely used. A hole is cut in the worktop and the sink is inserted from above so that it rests on the worktop.

In a concealed sink, the kitchen sink is also inserted from above into a hole in the worktop. The sink is flush with the worktop. This type of installation is a bit more complicated, the sink and the work surface form an optical unit. A practical advantage is that you can wipe crumbs from the countertop directly into the sink.

In the worktop is built from below a vanity washbasin, which puts the work surface in the focus. Therefore, this type of installation is particularly popular with stone worktops (eg granite). Underfloor rinsing is only installed on insensitive worktops, this is not a problem with granite.

Material of the sink with granite worktop

For a granite countertop, as for the kitchen sink, all materials fit. Of course, every material has different properties and an individual appearance. Inexpensive and uncomplicated are stainless steel sinks. Ceramic sinks are particularly robust and heat-resistant. Another option is granite sinks, but their name is deceptive. When you speak of rinsing granite, you actually mean the rinsing of quartz composite (a mixture of stone and acrylic). The natural stone granite used for work surfaces is not suitable for rinsing.

Conclusion: Kitchen sink with granite countertop

Basically, any type of sink fits on a granite slab. Whether built-in sinks, undercounter sinks or concealed sinks – everything is possible. Even with the choice of materials you have no limits.

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