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Kneeling Chair

ON kneeling chair Is this type of chair the place where the thighs fall off at an angle of 70 to 60 steps. It is also called Balan's Chair and was invented in 1979 by Hans Christian Mengshoel. The knee chair distributes the weight load on the buttocks and knees, reducing back pressure. Not only that, a kneeling chair also has several advantages. Let's take a look.

  1. space savers

Knee chairs are considered as house-saving, because they are often simply folded and stored under the table or in contrast to the wall when you do not need them. It is an excellent piece of furniture for many who work at home or work in confined spaces.

  1. Versatile

The kneeling chair can be adjusted to different heights for different heights. Regardless of how tall you are, you may be able to increase it at any time because it was used by people up to a meter tall.

  1. sitting posture

Knee chairs are designed so that you sit in the best possible posture that can additionally relieve the spine. In this way, this chair helps because its seat part hardly falls down. If you sit upright, you will find that you use your core muscle tissue to gain energy while sitting.

  1. Remove again

One of the most common modern diseases is a back pain. This is exactly where the kneeling chair comes in to save you. As you sit on the kneeling chair, you will find that your body is beginning to respond to the lack of back relaxation by mechanically moving into the desired posture. Her back is supported in the kneeling chair, while in the normal chair this is not the case, resulting in back pain.

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