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Led lighting ideas

In search of alternatives to the old light bulb, there are increasingly lamps on so-called LED. According to EU regulations, an unnecessary waste of energy when lighting your own four walls should be avoided. Anyone who has not only bought breaks in light bulbs will hardly spend more CFLs or even LEDs.

In this case, the LED is the abbreviation for "Light Emitting Diode". This is a semiconductor electrical element. By this light flows electric current that is generated. Diodes are arranged so that you can easily turn it into the socket of the lamp, as it is also used in its conventional light bulb, which is manufactured with LED lamps in the form of small pins.

From the light produced, they are now almost similar to traditional light bulbs, because they have pleasant, warm white light. There are also variants with yellow, blue, green, violet or red light, depending on which wavelength and which are used for semiconductor materials for the LEDs.

Especially the residential areas that need to be highlighted are already optimally equipped with LED lamps. Often there is even a multi-year dealer's warranty for this type of lighting. Up to 25,000 hours of burning time of the LEDs should be possible, which are already very big factors such as sustainability.

But LEDs are also very durable and above all very energy efficient. When you use LEDs to waste up to 85 percent less energy compared to a normal light bulb. However, one of the biggest advantages is the longevity of this type of lighting.

The LED is also used as indirect lighting as furniture. Whether integrated in the suitcase, clever to put accessories in the limelight. Or in the wall or in the ceiling, to accentuate individual pieces of furniture.

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