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Loft beds with desk

Bunk beds are a practical solution in rooms with sufficient ceiling height to make the most of the available space. You move the bedroom up one level so that the area under the bed can continue to be used for other purposes.

Sleep and work or study in one area: loft beds with desks

Loft beds are always a suitable furniture solution when it comes to the most functional, functional and space-saving furniture in the bedroom. If sleeping or working in a single room requires little space to connect, a loft bed with a desk is ideal.

Sleep in a loft bed with a desk

Loft beds, which have a work area in the form of a desk below the bed, usually provide enough space for one person. Very common is the format 90 × 200 cm (standard single bed size). For example, you'll find larger bunk beds with desks. in 120 × 200 cm or in 140 × 200 cm. The carrying capacity of the lying surface is usually heavily dependent on the inserted slatted base.

Which model is your favorite among the loft beds with desks?

We offer you a carefully assorted assortment of bunk beds with a desk in different designs for the realization of your personal living concepts and furnishing wishes.

The mattress for the loft bed is – as usual with most bedsteads – not in the scope of equipment. So the mattress can be chosen according to your wishes or optimally tailored to your needs.

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