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luxury bedding

Treat yourself to one of our luxury beds an incomparable sleeping experience. From design to materials used to comfort – each model has its own claim. For example, box spring beds can be individually adjusted to provide you with a luxurious and ergonomically correct lounger. In our selection you will also find luxurious solid wooden beds as well as noble designer and upholstered beds.

For people who prefer something special: luxury beds

By luxury we mean things that exceed normal or typical requirements. Accordingly, a luxury bed has much more to offer than the functional usability as a place to sleep and use as standard furniture for the furnishing of the bedroom. The luxury of such a bed can be stored very differently. It can be found in the materials used to make the luxury bed, as well as in a special comfort, reclining or sleeping experience with the bed.

Treat yourself to an incomparable sleep experience

Many different boxspring models in the online store assortment fulfill personal wishes regarding the cover material or the material in general, the coloring and the appearance. In addition, different box spring systems take into account different sleeping habits, so that there is a fit-to-fit luxury bed in box spring construction for everyone.

The bed as an eye-catcher and design object

The luxurious and exclusive beds in online shops clearly include boxspring beds, which offer exceptional lying and sleeping comfort thanks to their special structure of spring box, mattress and topper. The three-piece composition of this type of bed also provides a level of comfort that makes getting into the bed and getting out of bed much more comfortable. In addition, many box spring beds offer even more luxury extras such as padded headboards, electrical adjustments for maximum functionality or attractive integrated lighting.

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