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Mattresses 180×200

Many people prefer two separate mattresses in a double bed because each side of the bed can be individually decorated. Only downside: the lack of visitors. That's why we offer z. B. continuous mattresses in 180 × 200 cm, which allow a large bed without a gap. On some models, two different 90 cm wide cores can be combined in one cover if you and your partner have different preferences.

High quality bed linen for your double bed:

Mattresses with a size of 180 × 200 cm are in very little demand compared to beds with these dimensions. This is because double beds are usually equipped with two half-width mattresses. Especially if you sleep with two people in bed, this makes sense, because it can respond to the feelings of the individual and meet their needs. Another disadvantage of a large mattress: When a person moves, this movement is transferred to the mattress and thus to the other person. Both sleepers have two quieter sleeping spaces with two separate models.

More information about mattresses in 180 × 200 cm

If you pay attention to the same mattress height, the transition from one mattress to another is barely noticeable. We can also offer some variations with two mattress cores in one cover, so you have a continuous top surface, but two cores that are adapted to the needs of each sleeper. So the so-called visitor neck is no longer an issue.

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