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Mattresses 90×200

Cold foam, pocket springs, viscous or latex – for whom and which mattress in 90 × 200 cm is suitable, depends on the individual sleep habits, the weight and the desired feeling of lying. Both single beds and 180 cm wide double beds can be fitted with a 90 × 200 cm mattress to ensure a restful sleep. For more hygiene, many models are equipped with a washable cover.

Best quality for many bed models: mattresses in 90 × 200 cm

The most popular mattresses are certainly those in size 90 × 200 cm. It is used in a 180 cm wide marriage bed as well as a maternity or children's mattress and provides years of faithful service. In the online shops you will find mattresses that meet the highest quality standards. After all, we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping. Especially in a double bed usually two separate mattresses are more useful than a continuous. Both partners will each receive the appropriate sleeping pad. The mattress care is also simplified: Regular turning and turning (unless a distinction is made between summer and winter side) extends the life of each mattress and facilitates the decision for two variants in half the width of the bed.

Which mattress type suits me?

As different as the people are their sleep habits. That is why it is especially important to find the right sleeping pad for just that. Spring mattresses are especially suitable for back and abdominal sleepers, as they have a good surface elasticity. With a pocket spring mattress, you can spend restful nights in all types of sleep situations. Here, the springs are sewn into individual pockets and covered with a padding. Both types are optimal for nocturnal sweating.

More information about mattresses in 90 × 200 cm

In the size 90 × 200 cm we also offer latex, cold and visco foam mattresses. The former is ideal if you like to lie softly and are side sleepers. Latex adapts to your body contour and lets you sink relatively far. A similar body adaptation you get with Viscoschaum. This also relieves pressure and makes you feel almost "weightless". Thanks to the thermoelastic property, the mattress forms around your stature. The temperature in your bedroom should be at least 18 ° C. Due to the so-called "memory effect", the material takes some time to return to its original shape, which is why we recommend Visco foam mattresses only when sleeping solid. For frequent changes of lying position we recommend one with cold foam. This supports you in every situation from medium soft to medium hard.

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