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Modern Faux leather Beds

Artificial leather is one of the most easy-care materials, which makes it extremely popular as a fabric cover. Even modern upholstery and boxspring beds are often equipped with it, because it is hardly distinguishable in its structure from real leather, also offers a larger color palette and is much cheaper.

Stylish with lots of charm and character: Modern leatherette beds

Most artificial leather beds are in principle a subspecies of the upholstered beds, wherein instead of a fabric cover only a synthetic leather cover is used. Modern synthetic leather convinces with high quality and longevity. Particularly high-quality variants are hardly visually distinguishable from genuine leather.

Further information on artificial leather beds

Modern leather beds are characterized by the fact that the surface structure has the grain typical of leather and thus for the sake of confusion resembling real leather. In terms of color, the spectrum ranges from classic white, black and gray over beige and brown to strong blue and red.

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