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Narrow Sofa Bed For Sitting Room

A narrow sleeper sofa is good for small spaces and can go away for various problems. It comes with a storage room where the sheets, pillows and double mattress can be kept neat and tidy. The couch provides room to sit when the visitor comes by, and if someone comes by unexpectedly in the evening, you may be able to show a comfortable bed to sleep on.

A microfibre sofa bed with storage space to enhance the look of the living room

The narrow sleeper sofa has a warehouse and cup trays in each arm. It can be turned into a full bed with one hand. It is lined with polyester microfiber, which is durable and stain-resistant. It is a versatile piece of furniture that you should use to sit down, sit back or sleep. It has a pillow that is 10 inches thick for a pillow. It has a metal seat and a frame for the backrest with metal-to-metal connection for stability and energy.

Simplicity sofa for small spaces

It is a small space couch equipped with a storage room and a bed top that can be pulled out to sleep when a visitor spends the evening. The mattress is effectively upholstered with comfort foam and covered with linen for cool comfort. The arms are also effectively padded with comfort foam, so you can not damage your head on the arm. The warehouse can accommodate sheets, comforters and pillows. Who orders these sofas, they can get in four to five weeks.

Fabric sleeper sofa in anthracite good for visitors on a single day

This narrow sleeper sofa features a sturdy sheesham frame with sturdy wooden legs. It is effectively upholstered with comfort foam and padded with linen for cool comfort. The foam-filled cushions keep their shape for a long time and the chunky arms are very supportive and preserve the proportions. It is good to provide your visitor with a comfortable bed for the evening. The durable frame is finished for a few years.

If you are fascinated by a narrow sofa bed, choose the pattern that best suits your needs

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