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Of course sleeping with plenty of room in bed:  queen size solid wood beds

If you are taller than average and like to lie down stretched out in bed, queen-sized solid wood beds offer optimum space both in width and length.

The lying area in the bed should be about 30 cm longer than the body size of the sleeper, so that a relaxed sleep is possible even in a longer lying position. Basically, you have the choice between two special lengths for bed models made of solid wood: Beds with a length of 210 cm offer the ideal mattress size from a height of 1.80 m, from 1.90 m, the extra length of 220 cm is recommended. People who like to sleep with their legs outstretched usually need a bit more space than people who bend their legs while sleeping.

Solid wood in the bedroom

In online shops you will find a variety of solid wood beds, which are suitable for different furnishing styles.

Further information about solid wooden beds in excess length

Beds made of solid wood are best suited for a natural sleeping climate.

Instead of a normal slatted frame and a mattress, many solid wood beds can also be equipped with a box spring insertion system in excess length. For this purpose, a spring box is placed in the wooden frame together with a mattress and a topper. The headboard of the bed can be adjusted by means of a headboard to increase the changed deck height.

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