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Parsons Table

The invention of


The historical past behind the Parsons table dates back to the 1930s when Jean-Michel Frank designed it while working for Parson Paris College of Arts and Design. It was originally designed as a fairly simple and primary table. In this model, the thickness of the 4-square-meter table legs is exactly the same as that of the table top, regardless of the different dimensions. Parsons table is not only modern, but also contemporary. Due to their clear design, they are also very popular for interior design. We now have coffee tables, side tables and dining tables that meet Parsons' dining requirements.

Types of parsonage tables

Vintage Parson Table: – This can be a great addition to any room, especially for a mid-century fan, as it captures the time interval of a past period excellently.

Upholstered Parson table: Under the Parson tables, the exterior can be very sturdy and irregular. However, due to their rather simple and minimalist dimensions, they are simply upholstered with embossed fabrics or polished vinyl panels. It's a great idea to use these upholstery to restore the overall appearance of an earlier pastor's table.

Parsontisch with glass top: The traditional Parsontisch consists of a hot-rolled metal frame with uncooked edges on each side. In this species, the highest layer is covered with crystal clear, clear floating glass that is at least a few centimeters thick and has a flat edge. The glass used is uncured.

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