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Pocket spring mattresses

Pocket spring mattresses are characterized by particularly good ventilation and high load capacity. This is ensured by the numerous cylinder or barrel springs, which are sewn into small pockets. They give precise pressure and let your body lie perfectly even with frequently changing sleeping positions. The different degrees of hardness result depending on the model of stronger or more springs and a higher number of turns.

Proven mattress with the best body support: pocket spring mattresses

The pocket spring mattresses are a kind of spring mattress. In a pocket spring mattress, the individual cylinder springs are each sewn into fabric bags which are stapled in rows or glued together.

Advantages of mattresses with pocket spring core

Pocket spring mattresses are characterized by a particularly good ventilation, which results inter alia from the "pumping effect" that occurs when loading and unloading the mattress in appearance. They are therefore also suitable for rooms with a rather difficult indoor climate.

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