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Safe sleeping places for the offspring: Cots for 1-year old

Toddlers have special requirements for their sleeping place. For example, a small bedding area ensures that the offspring feel comfortable and safe at night – in most cases, beds for one-year-olds are placed next to or close to their parents' beds.

Newborns need warmth and security: Accordingly, it is important that their little sunshine knows how it is in good hands even at night. On the one hand, the closeness to the mother is crucial, on the other hand, with a child-friendly bed, you can create an environment in which your little rascal can sleep safely and peacefully.

Sophisticated beds and cots

In the first few months we recommend an extra bed for the nightly accommodation of your little sweetheart: this works in principle like an extension of the parent's bed and creates a sheltered nest for your baby. The contact with the mother is therefore given throughout the night – your offspring will remain untouched by your movements while sleeping.

More information about 1-year-old children's beds

The safety is not too short – all of our 1-year old children's beds are made of high quality materials and impress with their stable and durable construction. So as a parent, you can sleep peacefully at night.

Classic cots are ideal if your child is a little older and the nocturnal sleep phases have become longer. They can be set up freely in the room and, thanks to their circumferential lattice rungs, ensure a secure lying surface. Cots should be height adjustable slats. This is important as it is known that infants have the motor skills at the age of about 8 months to pull themselves up on the sprouts. We therefore recommend that you set the rust to the lowest level at this age so that your baby can not leave the bed.

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