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Simple Bedroom Decoration: How to make yourself comfortable!

The wall design

The walls of the bedroom should be kept quiet. That means: around murals Choose the simple pattern and use a muted color when painting. Color psychologists agree that cool colors like green or blue have a calming effectwhile warm colors like red or orange tend to rain. Of course, white always works.

Make the bed a decorative piece

The bed is the heart of the bedroom. If the bed is not made, the whole bedroom looks chaotic. So making the bed is the first step. A nice duvet, plaids and pillow help make the bedroom an oasis of well-being. The Favourite-vaseAdditional cosiness is ensured by a few candles and souvenirs from the last holiday and the wall decoration. However, especially in the bedroom, it is important that the collection of individual decorative pieces no collection of dust collectors. If the beautiful chest of drawers is no longer noticed only by the multitude of candles, vases and Dala horses, it is advisable to choose three decorative pieces.

Bedroom to relax: Create a feel-good oasis with textiles

Wall design and the right furniture are important elements in bedroom design. Nevertheless, textiles are not more important in any room. They ensure a peaceful sleep and create atmosphere. In addition to pillows, blankets and high-quality bed linen, carpets are indispensable in order to round off the bedroom decoration. They also help us get up in the morning! For cushions, choose a colorful mix of various preferred materials and textures that come from a color world. The combination of velvet, linen, silk and coarsely knitted wool covers ensures coziness and style in the bedroom. Also important are curtains that serve as privacy and darkening. They give the room a softer touch at the same time.

Decoration for the bedroom – accessories and living ideas that quickly create a cozy atmosphere:

  • candles
  • Framed, large format prints with calm motifs as wall decoration
  • Indirect light sources
  • Patterned, thick bedspreads
  • Towels and carpet for the wall
  • Dumb servants (united order and decoration)
  • Flower arrangements and plants
  • Beautiful framed mirror for wall decoration and decoration

Do the bedroom decoration yourself

simple ideas for your decoration, which can be easily designed by yourself and sets stylish accents in your bedroom:

No decorative element, but indispensable for a successful bedroom design: enough furniture for storage space. In closed cupboards and chests you should be able to stow clothing and everyday objects that disturb a quiet sleep. You consciously use free space for the bedroom decoration – so your room becomes an oasis of well-being. Let COUCH inspire your bedroom as a retreat or show us your furniture and home decor in the community!

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