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Sliding door wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes are the space-saving alternative to cabinets with hinged doors, as they do not require any additional space to open. The large sliding doors are simply pushed aside to expose the wardrobe. Particularly practical are the versions with mirror surface. They visually enlarge even small rooms and allow a close look at the selected outfit.

Space-saving thanks to individual room layout: Sliding-door wardrobes

A sliding door cabinet is equipped with two to four sliding doors, which are pushed over each other when opening the wardrobe. This mechanism has the advantage that no additional space is needed to open the doors. If your bedroom is rather small, a wardrobe with sliding doors is the right choice. But visually, the sliding door wardrobe is a delightful alternative to other wardrobes.

Plan your sliding door wardrobe

When choosing assortments, we placed great value on a large number of different modern cabinet variants. In addition to various wood and glass colors you also get sliding door wardrobes with large mirror fronts. Your bedroom furniture is particularly harmonious when a harmonious color concept draws through all the furnishings and decorations. Mirror fronts make your bedroom look bigger. Cabinet lighting ensures the best lighting conditions that can be mounted on top of the wardrobe.

More about sliding door wardrobes

Many sliding door wardrobes are available in two different heights and with selectable number of doors or cabinet width. Each cabinet in the series has a basic set of clothes rails and shelves. In addition, you will find in online shops extensive equipment accessories, with which you can customize your cabinet. Depending on the model, additional shelves, clothes rails, trouser pockets and drawer inserts are available.

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