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Sofa beds with spring core

Spring cores are part of the classic equipment of seating and reclining furniture, as they offer a pleasant springy, medium to solid seating comfort. Depending on the design of the sofa beds with (pocket) spring core, the interior, similar to a mattress, is divided into different lying areas, so that the beds are also better suited for daily use. In addition, these sofas also visually enrich your living room and bedroom.

Perfect seating comfort and pleasant sleeping: Sofa beds with spring core

In classic mattress and upholstery production, spring cores have proven to be ideal for body support when sitting or lying down. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the field of sofa beds in particular spring cores are used. Sitting and lying down on a duvet chair with duvets can not be compared to using a sofa bed with firm padding made of cold foam or other material. It is elastic and resilient, which is preferred by many people when sitting and in the mattress area.

Different types of spring cores

With a modern sleeper sofa with spring core, the guest room can not only be designed to be multifunctional, but also create additional seating and sleeping space in children's and youth rooms. Of course, some models are also ideal for the comfortable and attractive furnishing of one-room apartments.

Treat yourself to a multifunctional piece of furniture in an appealing look

There are models with innerspring padding or pocket spring core. For some sofa beds, the spring core, like a mattress, is subdivided into different zones, which, when sleeping on the sofa, ensure ergonomic lying and thus a healthy sleep. This is especially important if you want to use the featherbed sleep sofa night after night as a permanently used sleeping space.

So that you can realize your living requests as independently as possible and always remain flexible, many sofa beds are also provided on the back with cover material. So they can be simply placed in the room when needed or needed. Various cover materials such as fabric in different qualities or imitation leather and a wide color palette offer you additional freedom of choice to get exactly the spring-loaded sofa bed that meets all your expectations.

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