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Sofa recliner chair

Whether reclining chair or reclining chair – with two comfortably upholstered seating furniture, you bring a little oasis of relaxation into your home. While the pull-out armchairs can be converted into full-size single beds, the lounge chairs are perfect as side tables for sofas and sofas. This creates elegant corner buildings where you can enjoy moments of peace and relaxation.

Sit comfortably, relax and dream: sofa armchair

A chair is a comfortable seat with a practical additional function. It can be transformed into a comfortable sleeping accommodation by simply taking off quickly.

Further information about armchairs & loungers

Anyone who has a small apartment and expects an overnight guest, often has a problem: There is no space for a large guest bed, but it is not exactly comfortable and unfriendly to offer the guest only an air mattress on the floor. Although the living room also serves as a bedroom, it is useful if the sleeping facility can also be used elsewhere during the day.

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