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solid wood Wardrobes

Solid wood is undoubtedly one of the most durable materials, which is why it is very popular in the furniture sector. But the natural character and texture make wooden furniture so popular. The wardrobes in olive wood range from modern design to classic finishes and country style. Many models are also available in different sizes, sometimes in the endless system.

Storage furniture with natural charm: solid wood cabinets

The bed is undoubtedly the central functional furniture in the bedroom. In most cases, the bedroom is not only used to relax and sleep: few have such a spacious apartment that a walk-in closet or additional space for storing clothing can be set up, underwear and shoes. That's why these necessary things are housed in the bedroom. Wardrobes and chests of drawers traditionally serve meaningful and proper storage. Wardrobes made of solid wood are especially popular. They are usually of a much higher quality than wood-based cabinets with decorative surfaces and enrich the bedroom with their warm, natural charm.

Different types of wood for every taste

Solid wood furniture gets its special charisma from the wood used for its production. Every type of wood has a unique character, which is expressed by its color, grain and structure. Because each tree has grown differently, there are still differences between the different types of wood, which ultimately makes each piece of solid wood furniture unique, even if all other factors such as design and dimensions are identical,

Now find the optimal cabinet for your bedroom

Wardrobes in solid wood are produced in many different versions. So you have a large selection of different cabinet sizes to choose from. In this context, the concept of endless wardrobe is worth mentioning. These cabinet solutions are based on a modular concept. The individual cabinet modules, which are available in different widths depending on the model, can be combined as desired. In this way, almost any desired cabinet size can be achieved, from the very narrow cabinet to the very wide cabinet.

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