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Solid wooden beds

Natural charm and comfortable entry: solid wooden beds in a comfortable height

What distinguishes solid wood beds in comfort height? Basically we speak of comfort height when the bed frame measures at least 40 cm. In combination with slatted frame and mattress, you get a comfortable entry level, to get up in the morning relaxed and in the evening to slip comfortably into bed.

Get up and lie back-friendly

Regardless of the design, all solid wood beds in comfort height have one thing in common: they make getting up and going to bed easier. Due to the larger lying area you need less power and way to arrive in the morning in an upright position and sit down in the evening.

Further information about solid wooden beds in comfort height

In the past, solid wood beds in comfort were often referred to as "retirement beds" and ended a niche existence. In the meantime, younger people have discovered the benefits of increased reclining surfaces, which is why many manufacturers rely on modern, comfortable-height designs in solid wood beds.

Who is physically restricted, should pay attention to a bed frame height of at least 45 cm. This height is comparable to that of a dining chair. To make your selection easier, we have put together two lists with different comfort heights "40-45cm" and "from 45cm" for you.

Solid wood is one of the most popular materials in the furniture sector. This is no coincidence: the natural material has a warm aura and an incomparable charm. Whether beech, core beech, oak, wild oak, pine or acacia – the large selection of solid wood beds in comfort height shows how popular these days are.

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