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Suit and evening dress kept in style: Hinged-door wardrobes pine painted white

White furniture is one of the classics of interior design. Made of high quality solid wood, these are also extremely durable and durable. Revolving door cabinets in white lacquered pine wood are therefore found in many bedrooms because their design discreetly and discreetly creates the perfect storage space for sweaters, pants and underwear. Despite the white color, the natural wood grain shimmers through and gives the 2- or 3-door cabinets with thoughtful interiors a stylish look.

Charming and restrained come the hinged door wardrobes in white lacquered pine wood. Particularly advantageous: Thanks to the bright color, these cabinets can be combined with many other furniture and fit harmoniously into different room designs. Not only in the bedroom, these wing door cabinets are popular. As a storage cabinet or in the craft room, they also cut a fine figure.

Jaw cabinets also available with mirrors and drawers

The white pine cabinets are – depending on the model – equipped with two or three revolving doors. Behind it are shelves and clothes rails that divide the interior. In addition to a suit, shirt and tie, evening coats and accessories will find a dust-proof storage place. With the models with drawers you can save yourself the dresser in the bedroom, because socks, towels and laundry are at hand.

A mirror in which you can check the fit of your outfit completes your wardrobe. So you do not have to install this later,

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