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Upholstered beds with bed box

The storage space in the bedroom is no longer confined to wardrobes and dressers these days. Modern upholstered beds with storage box also provide plenty of space to protect towels, pillows, comforters and bedding from dust. Thanks to integrated spring-up slatted frames, you can comfortably access the contents of the bed frame with many upholstered beds. Her cuddly blanket always at hand.

Cozy and multifunctional: upholstered beds with bed frame

Many upholstered beds are designed so that there is a free space below the lying surface. To avoid giving away, furniture designers have developed upholstered beds with a bed frame. If you lift the already existing Spring-up slatted base on many bed models at the foot of the bed, a generous storage space is created inside the bed frame.

Thoughtful storage space

Most upholstered beds have ventilation openings that reliably prevent mold on the stored textiles. If you ventilate the bed box regularly, you will enjoy the additional storage space for a long time.

Further information about Upholstered Beds

For example, stow the winter blanket in summer in the upholstered bed with storage box, or keep warm blankets for cooler nights. But clothes, towels and linens are a perfect place to stay under the slatted frame.

Functional accessories make numerous upholstered beds with storage boxes even more comfortable: for example, if you use heavier mattresses, you can use the optional gas springs that make lifting the slatted frame even easier. In addition, we offer you on many models at an additional cost more high quality slatted frames – even with motorized adjustment – on.

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