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Wall mural: It’s going to be stylish instead of cheesy!

The selection of photo wallpapers ranges from detailed close-ups to panoramas all over the wall. Proverbs make a statement and art prints on the wallpaper replace a mural. Fancy the atmosphere of a rustic log cabin or a modern loft? A photo wallpaper with wood or stone structure changes the feeling of space. When used properly, the printed wallpaper can give a room a very special atmosphere.

On to the wall!

Before you decide on a photo wallpaper, you should definitely consider the space and their visual impact that they can have in combination with a photo wallpaper. Because like any kind of Wall applies:

  • Lively patterns fit in large spaces, while in small rooms they can lead to unrest.
  • Small rooms benefit more from spacious, discreet patterns.
  • In rooms without windows should be worked with bright colors.
  • If no entire wall surface is free, it is advisable to decorate only a certain area.

Of course, the photo wallpaper should be chosen to match the home furnishings. Because even the most beautiful wallpaper may lose effect if the device is in a completely different style or if there is already too much distraction.

Advantages and disadvantages of different materials

Photo wallpapers are available as paper or non-woven wallpaper. These differ in price, motive variety and attachment.

  • Different handling during installation
  • At a Murals The paste is applied directly to the wallpaper. Then a short swelling time of a few minutes, until the photo wallpaper can be pressed with a roll of wallpaper on the wall.
  • ON non-woven wallpaper However, the handling is easier: The glue is applied directly to the wall and not to the non-woven wallpaper. The tear-resistant pulp texture of the non-woven wallpaper prevents the photo wallpaper from expanding or contracting. If necessary, the non-woven wallpaper can also be easily removed again, as they can usually be removed in a single web. Not so with the paper wallpaper, which is in this case lavishly soaked and scraped off. Because the paper wallpaper is in contrast to non-woven wallpaper usually a bit cheaper to buy. However, one of the two types of photo wallpaper can not be used a second time.
  • It has to be paid attention
  • Depending on which motif is chosen, it may be that the photo wallpaper can not be installed in a room with very low ceilings in full size and thus loses its expressive power. Therefore, the existing space determines a piece with the choice of the subject. An alternative to the photo wallpaper can therefore a pattern wallpaper be: For patterns that repeat themselves on the wallpaper, a shortening of the tracks is usually not associated with the loss of the subject. Who does not want to wallpaper a complete wall, but wants to set color accents, can wall decals or
  • wall Stickers To fall back on.

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