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Wardrobe: Furnishing ideas with the furniture

The investment in a good, large wardrobe usually pays off. Because everyone knows: If the wardrobe is too small, the clothes flies around and swells, the mood is quickly gone in the morning when getting dressed. With a sophisticated system – multiple shelves, drawers, hooks and a clothes rail – the mess is easier to control.

For small rooms, we recommend a cabinet with sliding doors, which does not have to take into account the space of the open doors. Sliding doors made of frosted glass look soft and can be wonderfully integrated into the room image.

The hall closet houses many jackets, so it should have more suspension options than the wardrobe. With some space for shoes and small compartments for scarves and caps, he does his job already. A small tip: A mirror cabinet in the hallway is very handy to quickly check the entire outfit before it starts.

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