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Wardrobes with mirror

Wardrobes are an integral part of every bedroom furniture. A wardrobe with mirrored doors not only visually enlarges the bedroom, but a quick look into the large mirror also provides information about whether the selected pieces of clothing fit together and sit properly. Wardrobes with mirrors are available with sliding doors as well as with hinged doors. The size of the mirror surface depends on the selected cabinet width.

Optical bedroom enlargement and practical outfit check: wardrobes with mirror

For a clear and wrinkle-free storage of all garments, the wardrobe in the bedroom is an indispensable piece of furniture. If this has a mirror front, there are even more benefits and the wardrobe with mirror is the all-rounder of the bedroom furniture.

Mirror front on hinged or sliding doors

Since mirrors on cabinets usually extend over the entire cabinet height, there is hardly any room in the household for a mirror surface of this size. Finally, you can look from head to toe and check the overall effect of your outfit.

More about Wardrobes with Mirror

Especially in small bedrooms, the additional effect of a mirror front comes into play: the sleeping chamber looks visibly larger due to the reflection in the cabinet. If there is a window on the opposite side of the room, it will be even brighter in the room and overall friendlier.

A mirror front can be attached to wardrobes with wall cabinets or cabinets with revolving doors. Since sliding doors are usually wider than folding doors, the mirror surface here is correspondingly wider and often continuous, while the mirrors in the case of hinged-door cabinets usually extend over several doors and are partially framed in frames.

Depending on the selected cabinet width, the number of doors of the wardrobe changes and the mirror front lengthens accordingly. If you prefer a mirror assembly other than the one suggested, please contact us.

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