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White beds

White beds look good in every bedroom. Thanks to their restrained and timeless timbre, the versatile bed frames fit perfectly into existing room concepts. Whether solid wood, upholstery or metal bed

Elegant bedsteads in neutral colors. Beds in white

Furniture with a white surface is very popular in interior design: The color "white" fits perfectly with all other colors and impresses with its elegant spatial effect. Beds in white occupy the space in the middle of your bedroom and are not overly crowded thanks to their restrained colors. In this way, the view is directed to the design and the design and the particular advantages of the bed frame come into their own.

The right bed solution for everyone

A variety of different beds will ensure that you find your matching bed in white. Thus, the existing range extends from discreet upholstered beds with stringent design to designer beds with playful and unusual elements. There are also sunbeds that consciously do without a headboard and are thus predestined for solutions in rooms with sloping ceilings.

Solid wooden beds in white are rustic and convince by their clear design: The light color takes the bed frame here no visual heaviness and ensures a reinterpretation of the classic edged bed frame. Special systems such as box spring beds or shelves with integrated storage space complete the offer.

To cater for every individual taste, there are white beds in different materials: velvet-soft fabric covers invite you to cuddle – art-made beds or genuine leather impress with their fresh and contemporary look. A special flair unfolds white metal beds with their romantically decorated decoration.

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