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Wood Blinds

A few months ago, I incorporated some wooden blinds into my living area to give it a natural, clean look. I really like all pure wood tones from light brown to honey brown to dark brown.

Window remedy for bathrooms and kitchens

Wooden blinds are an amazing remedy for kitchen and bathroom because the work is two method. You may be able to flatten them by doing personal work while bathing in the baths and opening them later to reduce the humidity and moisture content of the bathroom. You may be able to relax at night for the kitchen, but you may possibly have the most light and air in the daytime.

Clean wooden blinds

Cleaning wooden venetian blinds is technical and impractical. You can not wash them like the curtains. You can not use atypical cleaners to make them clear. During cleaning, it is recommended to clean the wooden blinds dry. In this case, use a vacuum pump or simply wipe the mud with a delicate material to make cleaning easier. You should use a small brush that is adjustable to the width of the blind to remove extra mud. Another idea is to keep the blinds flat as this also makes cleaning easier. Then spray wood cleaner on a sensitive material and carefully clean the wooden blinds. Once you have finished, unwrap the venetian blind and let the air through to keep moisture out of the wooden venetian blinds.

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