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Youth bunk beds

Especially in the youth room, it is important to make the best possible use of the available space. Oyouth loft beds are the perfect solution. They provide a reclining area in a raised position without wasting space – the space underneath can be used freely.

More freedom for personal development: Bunk bed for teenagers

Young people still live at home, but still need space and space to develop individually. This is particularly evident in the redesign of your own space. In order to meet the new need for privacy and individuality, bunk beds are almost ideal for young people. They also fit in small spaces and offer the teenager a very personal retreat. Here you can relax, learn and grow up.

Safe and protected sleep

It is a complex piece of furniture consisting of a bed with raised bed and an open space underneath. The whole construction is cubist and minimalist. The high mattress is accessible via an integrated ladder. In most cases, the area underneath the lying area is used intensively. Here, for example, a desk could be set up or shelves or clothes rails could be mounted – just as you wish.

If the younger generation needs more coziness or additional work space in the room, the sleeping area is also included with a casual lounge area or a handy desk:

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