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Youth sofa beds

If the nursery is outdated and a youthful room is set up, sofa beds are popular as many models are versatile. Especially in smaller rooms, which often lack space for a generous bed, there are versions with full mattresses. During the day they serve as a seat for the scion and his friends, at night as a high-quality bed.

Multifunctional furniture for the youth room: sofa beds for teenagers

A high-quality sofa combines the advantages of a bed with those of a chair. Such a sofa can completely replace a bed, in particular in a spatially narrow youth room, if it is tailored to the individual needs of the person lying down. In addition, a youth sofa bed can also be easily accommodated as a complementary piece of furniture in the youth room. In this case, it is mainly used for sitting and only occasionally as a place to sleep for overnight guests.

The mattress determines the comfort

Most sofa beds for teenagers are designed as a two-seater. Here you can sit comfortably with friend or girlfriend and talk. Most sofa beds are converted into a bed and have a 140 x 200 cm lounge area, which is a comfortable single bed size. Sometimes it is easy to sleep with two people.

Enhance the youth room visually and functionally

With many youth sofa beds in the online shops, you have the choice between different mattresses to influence the comfort. Futon mattresses are particularly suitable for the main use of the sofa bed as a seat. If the sofa bed is to be better used, a pocket spring mattress or a latex mattress is preferable. The pocket spring mattress is particularly suitable in this context for persons with a higher body weight. The use of a latex mattress is recommended for people of low to normal weight.

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