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Asian Living Room Design Ideas

Asian Living Room Design Ideas

Navigating the fast city style becomes much easier when you can get back to a quiet home. We all want a place of refuge that helps us avoid the lifeless rush of this lifestyle. Asian design gives the decor balance and harmony to achieve this goal in its own unique style. Asian decor is an authentic style that slowly finds its way to modern interior design. The decor in this style radiates calm and tranquility. The Asian design style is a fusion of many different styles such as the Japanese, Chinese and Indian. However, Oriental influences that originated in the Far East many centuries ago often dominate this style. Whether it's an Asian living room design or an Asian-inspired bedroom, there are many ways to integrate this style into your home.

Creating an Asian design-inspired room is much more than just adding some distinctive decorations. Balance and harmony are the most important aspects of this design style. The right balance of colors, textures and elements that surround you gives a sense of peace and quiet. Vibrant colors, rich textures, natural materials, elegant symmetry and minimalist decorations define the Asian style. Oriental influences and Japanese and Chinese designs are the most prominent in Asian decor. The Japanese design style is inherently simple, minimalist and one that is closest to nature and its many nuances. Traditional Chinese decor is much more sumptuous and expansive with royal red, lavish gold, captivating jade and plush purple tones. The typical Indian style is a colorful, unspoiled celebration of life that shows traditional Indian motifs and cultural icons. Here are some truly irresistible Asian design living rooms that will help you add the Asian warmth to your décor.

{1} Luxurious Asian living room design

Luxurious Asian living room design
Sumptuous and spacious Asian living room design by extension Design
The gold details in this Asian living room really give it a fantastic look. The otherwise neutral interior really gets a shine with gold accents in the interior. The floor-to-ceiling doors open the living room to the open garden. This is a great way to bring nature inside and bring freshness to the interior. The rich fabrics of upholstery and curtains further contribute to the room. The beautiful carpet defines the space in the room and gives it a systematic and clean look.

{2} Simple Natural Elements Living Room

Simple natural element living room
Organic and fresh Zen living room off Studio Tanpopo-Gumi | Photo by Noguchi Kenji
The Zen design is part of Asian-inspired interior design and promotes bright open floor plans to allow energy to flow freely through the room. It is also a matter of using the essentials and the furniture effectively to meet the universal need for balance. Take for example this living room. The open layout, stone accent wall and wooden floor and table give the room a fresh and natural feel. However, the modern sofa and indirect lighting give a modern touch in the room.

{3} Modern eclectic everyday decor

Modern eclectic everyday decor
Vibrant eclectic Asian living room design in Aryaman, Ahmedabad by Designbox
Natural earthy and bright colors are often the inspiration for Asian designs and themes. Asian designs tend to reinterpret natural colors to fit the decor. Therefore, a neutral, soothing background that offers a relaxed atmosphere often works for Asian design. The living room also has light green walls, white ceilings, exposed wooden beams and floor-to-ceiling sliding doors to provide an open, airy and relaxed atmosphere. Light shades of blue in pillows, sofa and carpet reflect the colors of the sky. The pink and wood accents in the furniture give the room color and vibrancy. Vintage décor, wall art and coffee tables give the room a certain character and eclectic feel.

{4} White, wood and yellow accents

White, wood and yellow accents
Warm and bright Asian living room design in Farmville Residence, Gujarat Village Adda Architects
Usually, Asian interiors do not have live accent tones that stand out when placed in a calm, neutral environment. This warm and bright Asian living room design is truly the perfect example. Bright white walls, large windows, long furniture and open blinds give the room an open and spacious look. Similarly, the bright and bright yellow Jaisalmer floors add color and vibrancy to the interior. In contrast, the dark tones of wooden ceilings and furniture provide warmth and balance the light. The clean lines and elegant symmetry of the interior, as well as the vaulted ceiling give character to the design. Ceiling lights also give the interior a modern touch.

{5} Authentic Indian touch living room

Authentic Indian touch living room
Traditional Indian living room in Kahani Paradise, India by Ecoled Ltd
The Asian inspired décor is genuine for the rays with a special kind of peace and quiet. It soothes the soul with its rich character and soothing forms. Take for example this living room. Despite its traditional décor and bright colors, the room itself is soothing and relaxing. Vaulted ceilings further enhance the traditional look of the room. The large, open-plan layout opens the room for the spectacular mountain views beyond. Vintage furniture and decor items add character to the design. Similarly, the wall motif gives the room a distinct Indian touch. The neutral earthy color palette contrasts with the dark tones of the timber. It gives the room a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

{6} soothing colors wood finish

Soothing colors wood finish
White and wooden themed living room in the house of Ripplet Village Prime Arc
The Zen style is fairly easy to implement since it does not set many requirements. This style promotes simplicity and minimalism. Therefore, the decoration also utilizes the furniture effectively. Only the bare essentials find a place in the interior and unnecessary clutter is avoided. The Zen-style interior of this Asian living room design radiates with peace and quiet. It soothes the soul with its rich character and soothing color palette. The natural earthy color palette of this décor gives you a feeling of freshness. Only necessary furniture such as a sofa, chair and a table will find a place in this living room. Open shelves for storage maintain the open and spacious feel of the interior.

{7} Asian Living Room Design

Vintage asian living room design
Simple layout Asian living room design in skewed house of Studio Lagom
The typical Indian style is a colorful, unspoiled celebration of life that shows traditional Indian motifs and cultural icons. Similarly, this traditional Indian living room design is simple, colorful and effective. It showcases the richness of Indian traditions and culture with minimal additions to furniture and decor. The traditional Indian prints on pillows that adorn the sofa and chairs in modern style show the richness of culture. Vintage coffee tables, wooden armories and vintage décor items also give the room an authentic traditional feel. The moon's beautiful phases of the lunar construction attract attention while simple greenery gives life to the decoration.

{8} Asian rooms with warm brown tones

Hot brown tones asian room
Minimal functional Asian living room design by Science Home
This simple and functional living room design is the perfect example of modern Asian design. Clean and well-defined straight lines, minimalist decorations and elegant symmetry are all a natural part of Asian design influenced by a Japanese style. It is quite easy to integrate this design into a modern environment with just a few simple furniture and color changes. Asian designs often mimic scenic landscapes and interpret natural colors to fit the décor. For example, this living room uses blue tones for water, brown tones for the soil and neutral white shades to stabilize the vibes.

{9} Colorful modern Asian living room

Colorful modern Asian living room
Vibrant and happy Asian living room design in the pavilion Ace Associates | Photo of Tejas Shah
This bright and colorful living room is a unique blend of Asian, modern and industrial design styles. The exposed white brick wall, metal staircase and range and industrial lighting give the room an industrial touch. In the same way, modern design furniture and open layout give the room a modern touch. However, the most dominant style of the interior is the Asian style with vibrant colors, stone floors, wooden furniture and elements and traditional decorations. The light blue color gives the room a royal look. The vintage wall clock in a beautiful setting gives the room a genuine traditional Indian look.

{10} Asian living room with purple accents

Purple accents asian living room design
Rich traditional Chinese living room design of DL Architecture
This Asian living room has shimmering colors like a deep purple and rich red typical of Chinese design style. Like all typical Chinese-inspired interiors, this living room also features bold colors, ornate furniture and accessories. Light blue walls provide the perfect backdrop for the deep purple, bright white and royal red tones of the décor. The traditional lantern, oriental rug, Chinoiserie decor pieces and ornate black stools further add to the traditional Chinese look of the decor. The glass door opens the room to the beautiful view of the garden.

{11} Classic white wooden minimal decor

Classic white wooden minimal decor
Soft colors Minimalist Japanese design in Compact house, Japan by Yu Design Workshop
The soft colors, natural materials and minimalist décor of this Asian living room design give a soothing, zen-like feel. The cream walls, recessed ceiling lighting and light wood floors give the room a light and light feel. However, the slightly dark tones in wooden ceilings, doors and furniture maintain the light balance. The open layout, sliding glass doors and long furniture give the room an airy and spacious look. The houseplants give life and vibrancy to the interior. The simple and minimal design of this room calms the mind and calms the soul.

{12} Blush Pink Accents Living Room

Blush Pink Accents Living Room
Soft pink and wooden tones asian living room design, japan of Fukuda Housing Co. Ltd.
The bright and beautiful interior of the living room radiates with peace and quiet. The open ceiling with high ceilings, large doors and windows give the room a bright and fresh feel. The creamy walls, light wood tones and light wood floors further enhance the bright appearance of the room. The soft pink sofa and dark wood tones in the furniture give a subtle contrast to the light shades of the décor. The soft lighting contributes to the whole visual and accentuates the elegant theme.

{13} Asian living room with vibrant colors

Vibrant Asian living room
Bright earthy colors asian living room design in 59 Blair Road, Singapore Arete culture
Asian designs often boast vibrant colors that stand out when placed in a calm, neutral setting. Therefore, the background is often kept as neutral as possible. Walls and ceilings often sport neutral tones such as light white, mild cream, discreet light blue and elegant shades of gray. This living room also has the same theme. White walls and wooden tones are accented with bright cracks of colors such as blue and orange. The sliding glass doors open the room to the outside. The soft lighting enhances the whole elegant image.

{14} Modern Asian living room

Modern Asian living room design
Minimalist contemporary design asian living room design by Lohas Studio
This minimal contemporary living room design is calm and fresh. The wooden roof construction with lighting fixtures on the main track and wooden floor gives the room a natural look. The white walls, large glass windows and the shutters give the room an Asian touch. In the same way, the fresh, organic, attractive room of many plants gives an Asian look. Leather sofa and Ottoman and ornate finishes give the room a modern look. The industrial coffee table gives visual interest and modern touch to the design.

{15} Simple layout Minimal living room

Simple layout Minimal living room
Style and convenience in Asian living room design by Ten architects
The modern and minimalist décor fans will find the simplicity of this Japanese-style living room particularly appealing. Natural materials such as wood provide the foundation for a soothing color palette of brown, gray and blue. The white walls and the wooden interior and the floor make the room feel light, fresh and natural. The soothing blue and gray accents soothe the mind and provide a relaxing and refreshing feeling. The open and clean interior further enhances the room's simple and soothing design. The stylish pendant light adds a touch of style to the decor.

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