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Elbow Patch Sweater Outfit Ideas

Elbow Patch Sweater Outfit Ideas

In other blog posts I’ve written before, I’ve talked about how little detail can make a big difference in items like the peplum skirt, the embroidered jacket, the ruffle dress, and so much more. Today I’m going to talk about another article that also has some magical details, namely the Elbow Patch Sweater. The elbow patches simply give the sweater an additional, stylish touch. To better show you how to style it, I have put together some very nice elbow patch sweater outfit ideas for you. Let’s jump right in.

Gray sweater with a round neckline

gray sweater with round neckline

Let’s look at a really casual and cozy outfit to start from the list. The sweater here is a gray crew neck knit sweater that comes with green elbow patches and looks just cozy and refreshing. To create a simple and beautiful outfit, you can simply pair it with blue skinny jeans and a pair of camel combat boots.

Olive green elbow patch sweater with a white button up shirt


For a more elegant look to wear to the office, here is an outfit that is easy to take off that you should consider. To achieve this look, wear a white button down shirt and an olive green sweater with elbow patches. Let the collar and end of the shirt peek out. Wear it with a black and gray plaid pencil skirt and black suede ankle strap heels to complete the look.

Light gray elbow patch sweater with quilted vest

Quilted vest made of light gray elbow patch sweater

For a cool, layered look, you can wear a light gray sweater with green spots and pair it with a quilted puffer vest. For the bottom part, you can just wear black skinny jeans and white sneakers to complete the outfit in a casual and easy way.

Sky blue knitted sweater with black elbow patches

sky blue knit sweater with black elbow patches

Here’s a very casual look that also looks refreshing thanks to the sky blue knitted sweater. The sweater also comes with the little nifty details in the black elbow patches. You can easily combine the sweater with black jeans, black ankle boots and a black baseball cap to add a stylish touch to the outfit.

White and black horizontally striped knitted sweater with jeans

white and black horizontal striped knit sweater jeans

The lovely white knitted sweater with horizontal black stripes looks so nice and cozy with or without the brown elbow patches. But it’s certainly more playful and noticeable with the elbow patches. You can simply pair it with blue jeans and white sneakers to complete this refreshing look.

Gray long sweater with a burgundy scarf

gray long sweater burgundy scarf

When you combine a long and slim-fitting sweater with leggings, you usually achieve a slim and high look. As an example, you can wear this gray long elbow patch sweater with black leggings and black wide-calf knee-length boots to look slim. Wear a burgundy colored scarf to add a feminine touch to the outfit. By the way, if you want to see more outfit ideas for similar boots, check out our blog post on how to style wide calf boots.

White One Shoulder Cable Knit Elbow Patch Sweater

white one-shoulder knit sweater with cable pattern

The one-shoulder cut looks particularly sexy in a thick knitted sweater. This white one shoulder elbow patch sweater is a great example of that. Around her, you can build a low-key sexy, casual, and ladylike outfit by wearing black skinny jeans and black leather ankle boots.

Green, semi-transparent knitted sweater with black jeans

green semi-transparent knitted sweater black jeans

One way to look casual and airy is to wear a long white t-shirt with a semi-sheer knit sweater with a relaxed fit like this green patch with elbows. You can easily combine it with black skinny jeans. For the shoes, you can add extra style to the outfit by wearing a pair of black suede boots above the knee.

White elbow patch sweater with navy chinos

white elbow sweater with dark blue chinos

For a minimal look, you can just wear a relaxed white sweater with green elbow patches. Wear it with short, dark blue, straight-leg chinos. Wear a narrow brown leather belt to create a little space between your upper body and lower body. Finish off by wearing white trainers to complete the outfit casually.

White high low elbow patch sweater with leggings

white high low elbow patch sweater leggings

Here’s a very causal and refreshing look. You can achieve this by wearing a white high-low sweater with shiny silver elbow patches. Pair the top with black leggings and black open toe heels to complete this simple yet beautiful look.

Navy and White Polka Dot Elbow Patch Sweater Dress

dark blue and white polka dot elbow patch sweater dress

This isn’t exactly a sweater. It’s a beautiful sweater dress, and I think you’ll be interested to see this on this list too. In detail, this is a dark blue and white polka dot sweater dress with green elbow patches. You can just pair it with brown leather ankle boots to look beautiful and stylish.

Gray ribbed knit sweater with shoulder and elbow patches

gray, ribbed knit sweater with shoulder and elbow patches

Here is a stylish gray rib knit sweater that has not only the elbow patches but the shoulder patches as well. To style this unique sweater, pair it with a black and white checked boyfriend shirt, black skinny jeans, and a pair of black and white canvas sneakers.

White sweater with red plaid boyfriend shirt

white sweater red plaid boyfriend shirt

For a casual outfit to wear for a casual Friday work, you can wear a red and white plaid boyfriend shirt and top it with a white sweater with elbow patches. You can easily complete the outfit with black skinny jeans and black ballet flats to look simple and elegant.

Gray sweater with V-neck and elbows

gray sweater with V-neck and elbow patches

Here’s a really casual way to dress. To achieve this, you can simply wear an oversized gray v-neck sweater with black elbow patches. Pair it with dark blue skinny jeans and white trainers.

Green Elbow Patch Knee Length Sweater Dress

Knee-length sweater dress with green elbow patch

For those of you who are looking for a really feminine outfit, here is one to consider. You can wear a green bodycon sweater dress with elbow patches. Pair it with a brown leather jacket and a pair of knee high leather boots to look both stylish and ladylike.

Here are the elbow patch sweater outfit ideas that look simple and great. The Elbow Patch Sweater is basically just a sweater that is equipped with this little extra detail. So these outfit ideas are very easy to take off. Try them out and have fun styling them.

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