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Elegant Black And White Bedroom Design

Elegant Black And White Bedroom Design Ideas

Choosing a color palette for the bedroom can be a daunting challenge for many. There is nothing wrong with going through the proven color combinations to play it safe in your bedroom. But a little change in the color palette can do wonders for all interiors. Most people prefer bright bedrooms and look for lighter shades of white. And white is really a good color for the bedroom. However, adding a darker shade such as gray or black to white interiors can completely transform the room. Many people consider dark colors as moody, mysterious and gloomy. But with the right setting, complete colors and correct lighting, even dark interiors can look bright, fresh and airy. Black and white bedroom design is a classic decor that is timeless and elegant. This color combination can give you calm, elegant and sometimes dramatic bedrooms.

Black and white are contrasting colors with different connotations. But together they can create high contrast which is interesting. White reflects light and makes a room look bigger while black absorbs light and gives uniformity. Using these colors effectively depends on the place you are working with and what effect you want to achieve. The key is to create a balance between the two colors. Use white for places that are bright and use black for focal accents. If you want your bedroom to have a calm and light look, keep the white as the dominant color. But if you want something different and are open to bold and angular bedroom decor, black and its nuances make your dominant color. For more inspiration, you can look at some of these classic black and white bedroom design ideas that have a timeless appeal.

{1} Sophisticated black and white bedroom design

Sophisticated black and white bedroom design
Contrasts in black and white bedroom off Maite Granda Interiors | Photo of Rolando Diaz
High contrasts make a place look dramatic and busy. But the timeless combination of black and white in this bedroom provides peace and harmony in the room. A single dark gray accent wall helps to highlight other decorative elements such as the stylish wall moldings and decorative mirrors. Gray bed in modern style and white bedspread simplify lighter shades in the design. While plush faux fur throws, cowhide rug and hardwood floors add some warmth and comfort. The contrast between black and white helps to balance the abundant natural light and keeps the room fresh and sharp.

{2} White bedroom design with black accents

White bedroom with black accents
Simple luxury modern bedroom off Glenn Gissler Design | Photo by Gross & Daley
Black accents and details in a white bedroom can create high contrast and gain visual interest. You can use black to highlight certain features of the room or interior. Alternatively, you can also use black to add color, texture and pattern to a simple white decor. Take for example this simple bedroom. Black details highlight blinds and give interest to a regular ceiling. While the black bedside table and tufted Florence Knoll bench include color and pattern. White walls and ceilings keep the room bright and fresh. Plush white bedspread, clean curtains, tufted armchair and elegant table lamps also give the room a luxurious touch.

{3} Dark floors and accents in white bedroom

Dark floors and accents in white bedroom
Dark floors in bright spacious bedrooms off Boutiquehem | Photo of Simon Eldon
The black and white decor of this bedroom looks glamorous and modern while still honoring the Victorian style and spirit. Black on black can sometimes look harsh. Therefore, the white walls, bed sheets and Eames rocking chair contrast the black accent wall in the room. The plush carpet captures the light and softens the look without losing the drama, while the woven bed and screen provide additional depth. The Victorian bed, the chandelier, the open mantle and the chandeliers are a nod to earlier times but the black color gives an updated twist. The fantastic mirror gives a nice touch to the interior.

{4} Fresh White And Black Scandinavian Design

Fresh white and black Scandinavian decor
Light, airy and spacious Scandinavian bedroom off Advantage Furnishing | Photo by Natalie Lysaught
This typically Scandinavian minimalist bedroom is bright, airy and spacious. Bright white walls and windows reflect the light and make the room look soft and airy. The mix of graphic pillows and classic black and white art adds pattern, color and contrast to the interior. Classic sharp black lines Wishbone chair by Hans Wegner and that Ettore desk lamp give the room a crisp, neat look. The warm wooden tones in the side tables and the carpet give warmth the strong decor.

{5} Simple black and white bedroom design

Simple and intimate bedroom design
Soft and intimate industrial bedroom decor by Emerick Architects | Photo of Lincoln Barbour
This industrial bedroom decor with strong contrasts and elegant finish looks absolutely amazing! The dark gray accent wall absorbs the abundant natural light and balances the room. It also forms a backdrop to highlight the beautiful bed and the stunning ornate mirror. Full-length windows open the room for views beyond. The black upholstery on the windows sharpens the room and illuminates the window wall in an industrial style. In contrast, white walls, cozy linens and diaphanic curtains soften the interior and give the room an intimate feel.

{6} Elegant French-style classic bedroom

Elegant French style classic bedroom
Fantastic French Bedroom in Classic Colors by Oliver Gay Architecture and Design | Photo by Frenchie Cristogatin
The stunning black and white printed wallpaper and curtains combination give this bedroom an elegant French look. The wallpaper and curtains think of the famous Tulle print of French decor. White linens and pillows soften the room, while black bed covers and the shag rug sharpen the room. The contrast between black and white highlights the accents in the patterned bed frame and throws. The amazing wall art of the wallpaper gives a lovely layer and improves the elegance of the design.

{7} High contrast in black and white

High contrast in black and white
High contrasts and repeated patterns in modern bedroom of Rebecca Mitchell Interiors
The addition of colors and repeating patterns makes the simple interior of this modern bedroom seem bold and exciting. White walls and ceilings keep the decor bright and fresh. Various shades of black in the dark gray bed, black bedspread and bedside tables, light gray bed covers and pillows give the room a seamless and harmonious look. Soft color palette keeps the interior soft, calm and inviting. The fantastic mural gives a pattern to the decor which is also reflected in the plush carpet. Warm wooden floors provide warmth and break monotony in monochrome colors. The elegant table lamps give a nice touch to the decor.

{8} Classic modern interiors in black and white

Classic modern interiors in black and white
Victorian structure and modern decor in elegant modern bedroom Mr. Mitchell
The restrained color palette of black and white in this bedroom feels truly luxurious. Add the plush structures from the other elements and you have an elegant and cozy bedroom! White walls and ceilings with crown molding and trim illustrate the Victorian heritage of the house. Vintage furniture such as the fantastic chandelier, side table and open fireplace give an old-world charm to the interior. Smooth black carpet floors and crisp white walls create an envelope that coconuts you and gives a warm, intimate feel. The neutral colors also provide a nice base for adding some luxuries such as fine sheets and curtains, delicate duvet, petite chandelier, velvet cushion and stylish table lamp.

{9} Black Walls In Moody Bedroom

Black walls in moody bedroom
Beautiful monochrome color scheme in modern bedroom of A designed passion
A bold and angular bedroom with dark walls and white ceiling! Dark panel walls create drama and give the room a bold look. The upholstered gray bed, white roof, bedding, IKEA bedside tables, and the sheepskin area gives the room a sharp edge. The matt black ceiling fan looks pretty against the white ceiling. Laminated hardwood floors give the interior warmth. At the same time, mural art, stylish wall moldings and textured cushions give a fine touch to the black and white bedroom design. All in all, this modern bedroom design is full of bold colors and warm structures!

{10} Bold stripes and colorful accents

Bold stripes and colorful accents
Living accents in modern bedroom off Ghislaine Vinas
Your black and white bedroom design doesn't just have to be solid colors. You can also have geometric prints, patterns, textures and accent colors. Take for example this amazing bedroom. The bold striped walls give the room a dramatic yet elegant look. The white floors, sheets, pillows and desks balance the light and keep the room bright. Similarly, the glossy black desk lamp and desk lamp add a modern touch to the design. The beautiful wall art gives the design a visual interest. The light green accents in the side tables and armchairs give a fresh and vibrant look to the interior.

{11} Cheerful bedroom with colorful accents

Cheerful bedroom with colorful accents
Bright and fun bedroom with accent wall Deborah Wecselman Design | Photo by Robin Hill
If you are careful about staining your bedroom walls all black, it is better to slowly introduce the color into the room. Paint a single wall black, preferably the one behind the bed, and use it as a base for the rest of the decor. You can select wall art, bring playful accents, add patterns and colors to the décor that contrasts your black and white color scheme. This bedroom does exactly that to create lively and fun interiors! The eclectic design of the bedroom becomes even more personal with the beautiful white collage wall frames. In the same way, the bright yellow accents in throws and pillows really get the fun factor. Statement of lighting as pendant lamps gives a touch of style to the design.

{12} Minimalist design in modern bedroom

Minimalist design in modern bedroom
Simple, functional and fresh bedroom off Platform 5 Architects | Photo of Alan Williams
A soft and quiet Scandinavian bedroom design in neutral colors! Black, white and wood tones give the room high contrast and warmth. A simple minimal design further enhances the elegance of the design. Scandinavian-style desks, Eames chairs and armchairs give the room a functional yet modern look. The black accent wall with wooden shelves full of books adds warmth and interest to the design. Similarly, the gray sheets and pillows give the design warmth and comfort. A modern chandelier gives a modern touch to the interior.

{13} Fresh White Bedroom Black Details

Fresh black details with white bedrooms
This beach style bedroom design is fresh, airy and beautiful! Bright white walls and crisp white sheets and duvets give the room a light and airy feel. White color reflects light. It illuminates the room and makes it appear larger and more spacious. Light walls make all rooms seem lighter and larger. In contrast, the black accents in the four-poster bed, the striped carpet, the wall mirror, the vintage chandelier and printed pillows balance the abundant light. It also gives elegance and grace to the simple decor. Wooden tones in hardwood floors, exposed wooden beams and side tables add warmth and color to the peaceful interior.

{14} Edgy And Crisp Bedroom Design

Edgy And Crisp Bedroom Design
Black accent wall in industrial bedroom off Tamara Magel Studio | Photo of Rikki Snyder
This simple black and white color scheme has a fantastic effect on the interior of this bedroom! The monochromatic palette allows the different textures and finishes to really shine. The matte black wall, for example, stands in sharp contrast to the rough surface of the white painted brick walls. In the same way, the soft and inviting faux fur on the bed contrasts with the coarse carpet fiber area. Wooden panel fences and wall structures are also structured. This bedroom is truly an overall tactile feast for the eyes! The clever plaster and acrylic art by Peter Buchanan forms the room in the center and draws the eye upwards. Contemporary wall lamps and chandeliers also give a bold statement and create interest.

{15} Modern black and white bedroom design

Modern black and white bedroom design
Black walls and white decor in the bedroom David Rosenkranz Custom Homes | Photo of ProMedia tours
Glossy black walls give this room a dark but cozy feel. Similarly, the ship's accent wall behind the headboard has a matte texture that provides warmth and visual interest in the design. A beautiful wall art, stylish table lamps and pendant lights provide some brightness and also breaks the monotonic black color. Light gray bedspread and fluffy pillows provide decor and pattern and comfort. Large windows and skylights keep the room well lit and fresh.

{16} Graceful and elegant bedroom design

Graceful and elegant bedroom design
High Accent Wall Classic Color Scheme By Nina Azoulay Design | Photo of Leona Moses
This elegant and elegant bedroom is full of wonderful details and rich structures. The high headboard is really the main focus of the entire interior. The dull black color gives the warmth the interior while the velvety texture gives a luxurious, royal look. The patterned carpet centers the design. Striped throws, textured pillows and pink satin pillows add comfort to the décor. Warm gray bedside tables and cool white walls and wall moldings further enhance the modern décor. Large mirrors next to the bed make the room look bigger than it is.

{17} Eclectic decor with small bedroom

Small loft bedroom eclectic decor
Layer pattern in black and white bedroom design of Aro Studio
This bedroom is truly a feast for the eyes! A neutral color palette of black and white unites the entire interior. Wooden floors, exposed wooden beams and golden ornate mirror frames are the only elements that add color to the décor. White walls keep the room bright and fresh while a beautiful black wall decor arouses interest in the alcove wall behind the headboard. The black details of the bed sheets, wall lamps and patterned bench give interest and designs to the decor. In fact, layering of patterns in bench with cheek-head print, striped throw, printed bed covers and ikat-print pillows gives visual interest in the simple interior design.

{18} Mirror And Monochrome Bedroom Design

Mirror and monochrome bedroom design
Wooden tones in black and white bedroom off Studio Revolution | Photo of Thomas Kuoh
A truly neutral bedroom with stunning artwork and comfortable furnishings. This bedroom is so simple, quiet and at the same time very luxurious. White walls, ceilings, tufted bed and duvet make the room look bright, fresh and simple. In contrast, the black curtains, side table, table lamp, pillows and the oriental rug give the room a luxurious look. An elegant wooden frame mirror makes the small room look bigger. Wooden tones in the wooden floor, bench, mirror and wall art add some warmth to the neutral interior. The fantastic abstract wall art is really the focus of the focus.

{19} Black and white decor Yellow accents

Black and white decor yellow accents
Yellow accents and wallpapers in bedrooms with atmosphere Interior | Photo of Virginia MacDonald
A black and white background looks really comfortable, especially when you want to decorate with colorful accents. You can easily switch between accent colors as both black and white can complement almost any other color. You can go to like red or wavy pink or light yellow for accent colors. The black and white bedroom design easily falls into the background, letting the accent colors steal the show. Take for example this bedroom. The black and white wallpaper is versatile and dramatic. It lets the bright yellow accents in the pillows, the tufted bench and picturesque table lamps give the room a funky and wild appeal.

{20} Industrial Accent Wall Simple Decor

Industrial accent wall Simple decor
White walls and black accents in the bedroom Studio MR | Photo by Sergey Krasyuk
It's really not just the style factors that attract both designers and homeowners to this iconic and timeless look. This wild, funky and youthful decor is full of life. The exposed brick-white accent wall perfectly illuminates the fantastic wall art. The completely white décor with white walls, ceilings and clear glass pendant lights gives the room a bright and modern look. In contrast, the black details in the bright room darken and center the design. The cozy black bed, sheets and velvet pillows also give the room a luxurious and plush look. The floating bedside tables provide visual interest and easy access. The multicolored pillows give colors and patterns to the neutral interior. Green leaves fill the room with freshness and vibrancy.

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