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Green Skinny Jeans Outfits

Having jeans in both colors was never a bad idea. If you are bored of classic blue or black jeans, you can always choose a different color, e.g. B. gray, white, beige or green.
Today we are going to see how to style green skinny jeans and how they look fabulous!

Some girls like to see their wardrobes in just a few basic colors, but it’s always good to have something special to make your outfit unique.
Skinny green jeans can do just that. Even if you wear something super simple and casual, it will make your outfit stand out.

I will not babble anymore. Instead, I’ll show you real outfits that you can recreate! I made a list of 16 outfit ideas for wearing green skinny jeans.
Let us begin!

Black top & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans black top
This outfit is perfect for everyday occasions. It’s a perfectly acceptable option for the day. Combine your green skinny jeans with a black top, flats in the same colors as jeans and complete them with the brown leather bag.

White button-down & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans white shirt
A white button-down is easy to use. You can style it with anything. So try your green jeans! It looks very fresh and classic. Combine it with red flats for a relaxed and stylish atmosphere.

Leather jacket & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans leather jacket
Skinny jeans are the perfect item of clothing for day and night. You can wear it with literally anything. Wear green skinny jeans with a striped top and a black leather jacket for this casual and chic outfit.

High heel stilettos & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans high heels
There’s nothing like pairing skinny jeans with super high heel stilettos. You have to admit that it looks so chic and stylish.
Combine your jeans with a classic white t-shirt and a biker leather jacket in black color. You get a great and somewhat nervous outfit.

Peep-Toe Booties & Green Ripped Skinny Jeans

ripped green skinny jeans
If you need something to wear to be elegant but not look over the line, consider this outfit combo. It consists of a white top with a tie hem, green skinny jeans and brown suede peep-toes. Add a suede shoulder bag and some gold jewelry.

Brown leather jacket & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans brown jacket
Street style is a great inspiration for me. You can find the most fascinating and unique outfits on the streets. This one is beautifully and nicely done. Many layers will keep you warm. Wear your jeans with a brightly colored shirt, gray scarf and brown leather jacket.

Statement sandals & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans military jacket
Combine your green skinny jeans with the great sandals with animal print. The white button-down shirt gives this outfit a new level of elegance, and the military jacket creates a cool atmosphere.
This look is perfect for your office.

Black blazer & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans in French style
If you are a fan of the way Parisian women dress, you will love this outfit. It definitely has that chic French vibe. All you have to do is style your green skinny jeans with a black blazer and some nice leather flats or slippers.

Sporty hoodie & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans hoodie
This is a perfectly casual and very relaxed winter look that you will absolutely love! This hoodie is very interesting with tied straps on both sides. You can pair it with jeans and white sneakers. In the end, you get a stylish yet very modern look for everyday life.

Romantic blouse & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans romantic blouse
Maybe you didn’t know, but delicate pink tops and olive green color are perfect when mixed together. They present a nice combination of pastel and earth colors. You can wear your green skinny jeans with the romantic top, which is a combination of lace top and cotton.

Black sweater vest & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans vest
This outfit is a great outfit for fall. If you have decided to spend your weekend days, you need an outfit like this. Warm up with a sweater vest, pull on a striped shirt and olive green jeans. You can also add a small black shoulder bag. Round it all off with the black block heel ankle boots.

Two jackets and green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans two jackets
Two jackets in one outfit? If it’s too cold, why not? This girl decided to wear a puffer jacket and a leather jacket over it. It looks very interesting, but most of all, it will definitely keep you warm. The rest of the outfit is classic. Striped shirt and green jeans are super casual staples.

Strap sandals & green ribbed skinny jeans

green skinny jeans sandals
If you want to go out and look attractive and sexy, this combination of outfits should definitely be tried out. It’s pretty easy to get to, but it also seems very elegant.
Simply combine your green skinny jeans with a black leather jacket, a black top and beautiful strappy sandals. Add a small shoulder bag and you’re good to go!

Nude sandals & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans neutral
I love neutral looks that you can wear on many different occasions, both casual and elegant. This look is just like that: relaxed and simple. Combine your classic button-down with jeans. Add in nice nude strappy sandals and a cute, colorful clutch. You get a perfect outfit that you will wear all the time.

Military jacket & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans military jacket
Olivia Palermo, one of the biggest influencers in the fashion world, loves the green color. You can see that in the outfits. She wears green skinny jeans with a green military jacket and a printed button-down shirt. The whole outfit looks very chic and is perfect for everyday wear.

Black top & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans black
This chic and cute outfit combo is great for day and night events. You can even wear it as work clothes if you’re comfortable in heels. All you need is a bit of jewelry and a black bag to complete this outfit.

Long black coat & green skinny jeans

green skinny jeans long coat
Long coats are really classic staples that you must have in your closet. It can be worn with both casual and elegant staples. Combine your green skinnies with the black sweater and the pointy heels for a casual yet polished everyday look.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found these outfit ideas interesting. Feel free to recreate and try them on.

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